Monday, March 26, 2007


And speaking of Webkinz, has anyone seen these suckers?
Once I caught wind of them, I swore them off. I swore I'd never buy them for my kids. After all, why do my kids need stuffed animals that need to be "fed" online in their Webkin world, when we are up to our eyeballs with real animals?

Now I'm eating my words. I've sucumbed for social reasons for my kids. So many of their friends have them, so I had to investigate. It's actually okay. You buy a poorly made, not that cute, stuffed animal that comes with a code. You join Webkins online.

The good part is that they can actually learn something - mainly about how to earn money (by playing trivia or pac-man-like games) so they can buy virtual food, clothing, couches, beds, and other stuff for their pet's room. You must feed them, exercise them, and take them to the doctor. But it's pretty low maintenance which is key. The shopping is actually set up very much like a real online shopping experience - you place things in cart, view cart, etc. Your bank account is always visible.

There's also a limited version chatting with your friends and having their Webkin over for a play date. Very cute! It's set up to be very safe - as safe as one can be online. A person also cannot write anything to another person, you must choose a stock comment from a list. I like that!


Laura said...

I'll stay away from that as long as possible, though they do look cute. :) My boys have rediscovered my old Furby, and that thing can be annoying, but it's fun to feed it and play with it in limited doses. We also have an "interactive" chimpanzee toy that drinks from a bottle and makes lots of noise.

Grumpy Old Laura: When I was a kid, I played with regular stuffed animals and those were just fine! Kids today....

Ashley loves Leo said...

Sounds like you have your fill of things that make noise over there. YES, I'd advise to stay away unless your kids force you into it. Better yet, god forbid if Hutton gets one for a birthday gift!

I'm with you, I just had regular stuffed animals! ha ha