Monday, March 26, 2007

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things....

Raindrops on roses?
Whiskers on kittens?
Yes please, but other than that I love books.
I love good books.
And I love books that really work for Leo's unique learning style, mostly visual. Indeed!

Geronimo Stilton

I like Geronimo because the author (Geronimo like his main character) illustrates his text. It's so visual but not TOO visual, giving the potential to please any sensory palette. For example, when Geronimo writes the word "red", it's the color red. If he writes a descriptive word like "huge", well, it's HUGE. It's funny, Lot's of play on words, and the character isn't black and white. Gotta love it.

Geronimo also comes with a whole world full of maps and consistent characters that pop up in most books. Family members, friends. Each of Geronimo's adventures teaches stuff about the destination (Australia, Egypt). It's amazing how much he's learned about different countries, another interest (geography) so it's an excellent tie-in on obsessions.

Leo loves these books, and it's no surprise to share that he's OBSESSED with having all of the books. Leo is a collector. He enjoys coming home from school, spreading out his books in order. Some days, it's in the order he's read them. Others, it's by publishing date. Some days he'll play library with Sydney, and she'll come to browse his collection and pick one out.

Leo reads them at school too. Has a couple in his "book bin". The other day, he said "Mom, I can't wait for reading time at school. I'm at a really good part of my Geronimo book. He's stuck in a cheese trap, and I haven't figured out how he's going to escape."

Music to any parent's ears, right? Looking forward to reading? I realize it may not last, but hey, I'll happily enjoy it for now.

Still obsessed with football, collecting state quarters, and Webkins!
4 days till parent/teacher conference....


Laura said...

Look like some cool books! I'm going to the library tomorrow, so will have to look for those. They may be too advanced for my guys, but it seems like a great way to work on sight words.

mcewen said...

We like Geronimo too, for similar reasons.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Hey Mcewen! Another thing our boys have in common then!