Monday, March 26, 2007

Does Disco Cause Autism?

JUST kidding! So my new thing is to listen to a 70's station on my favorite music provider, Sirius, each night in the kitchen during chore time. Right at 4:30pm, I pluck it on and tackle the kitchen disaster that awaits and set up for dinner. (yes I love my structure). I need that boogie beat to get me going and keep me going. Leo also does his homework while I clean up, mix supplements, and talk about his day. Tonight is like no other night, other than that Leo mentions that this kind of music "repeats the same thing over and over mom, and now it's stuck in my head".

Leo's got a point, and I realize that Disco has a lot in common with Autism.
Let's take a look:

1)It's repetitive.
2)Sometimes the vocals are inaudible.
3)It certainly gets us moving.
4)Was very popular in the 70's but no one admitted it.
5)Had environmental triggers like drugs,alcohol,free love, and aerosol cans galore (to clarify I'm only talking about disco here)
6)Stereotypical 70's clothes are very sensory friendly - that polyester is quite soft and non-restrictive.
7)Bright lights and colors were popular off and on the dance floor (sensory seekers only please)
Did I miss any? Little help, little help?

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