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The "Remark-abilities" of people with Autism

I found this terrific page where people share the abilities, talents, and ways of thinking of people they know with Autism. Here are some excerpts from this page. I know many of you have wonderful things to share that other parents would enjoy, so hopefully you have a moment to contribute. FYI I'm not affiliated with this site - just a new fan! Here goes:

"The "Remark-abilities" of people with Autism
We stand in awe of people with Autism. They inspire us with their talents, abilities and way of thinking. Please share your story now. Together, let's show the world how remarkable these unique and wonderful people are.
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My son can recite the presidents in order, forwards and backwards. He knows their first, middle and last names. He knows all of their vice presidents (if there was one). He could do this after reading the names a few times.
Jene, NY
My son has always been obsessed with numbers. He could multiply and divide with exponents at 4. Now he is 12 and is taking Differential equations and Linear Algebra (the class after Calc. 3) at our local Community College. But he still can’t tie his own shoes :-)
Rebecca, CA
My cousin can draw anything - and I mean anything in the most incredible detail.
Sue, NV
We took my 5 year old grandson to a large aquarium. He remembered the exact layout and where all the animals were placed even though he hadn't been there since he was 2 years old.
Jos, NY
One day we noticed my child could read fluently. She had just turned 3 years old. Nobody ever taught her.
Stacey, WI
My son taught himself to tread water for hours and hours, never getting tired. He taught himself to do this way before he learned to swim.
Laura, NY
One of my students can do puzzles as fast as lightning - with the picture side face down.
Wendy, CT
My son submerges himself under water and holds his breath for ages. He does it until I call his name so he'll come up for air. I feel like I can't breathe just watching him. He is perfectly fine and ready to do it again if I allow it.
Andrew, NY
My 4 year old son remembers every route we drive. He sits in the back of the car and instructs us "Turn left, turn right, take the parkway..."
Adrienne, CA
When my son was in 1st grade, his teacher told us, "I've learned that if your
son and I disagree on a science fact, HE is always correct."
Sara, CA
I don't know how he does it but my son can hear my husband's car the moment he turns into our block. We live at the other end of the block!
Lucille, TX
If I dump a cup of cheerios on the table, my daughter can tell me how many there are. Nine times out of ten, she's right. If she isn't, she's never off by more than 2.
Pat, MD
A student in my class can imitate anyone's speech. He imitates their voice and intonations perfectly and it sounds just like them. It's hysterical.
May, VA
My child notices everything. My living room is full of things but even if I move a photo frame to the middle of the ledge, he'll walk right in and immediately adjust it.
Reilly, AK
My brother can tell me about every dinosaur that ever existed, what they ate, what they looked like and what period they lived in.
Adam, NY
My child is a mechanical wizard. He can take anything apart and put it back together in perfect order. He does it really quickly too. It's amazing.
Shelly, OK
My son is 9 and loves road construction. He knows every piece of equipment used, has researched them all on the internet and will speak at length about the pros and cons of each make and model.
Wendy, Canada
My 3 year old can recite a 30 minute video, word for word. And that's after watching it once or twice.
Marcia, PA
My 5 year old brother can do multiple flips on the parallel bars without ever being shown how.
Jason, NY
My 7 year old son with Aspergers Disorder has taught me more about science than my years of schooling could ever come close to. He is a joy to be around and someday may just save our planet.
Amy, PA
My daughter has an excellent memory. She's 10 now and she remembers things in detail from when she was 2 years old.
Nancy, RI
My three year old cousin learned how to write in one month and learned how to read in less than two months.
Anne, DC
My 3 year old is amazing on the computer. Somehow he learned how to use the mouse and keyboard, find and bookmark his favorite Internet sites and play any computer game.
Melanie, CA
My son knows the model of every toilet seat cover and where it was produced - Hey, it's still a talent!
Debra, PA
My son is fascinated with vacuum cleaners. He knows about every make and model, what kind of motor they have and the attachments they come with.
Lauren, MI
One of my students is a math wizard. He's in 3rd grade and he can calculate very complicated math in his head. It astounds me every time.
Maya, FL
Every time my son meets someone he asks them what car they drive. He never forgets the make and model, no matter how many years go by.
Maureen, IN
My 5 year old daughter has never done a day of gymnastics in her life and she can do a triple flip like it's a piece of cake.
Lindsey, NJ
My son can tell you exactly what kind of truck is approaching before it is even
in sight.
Theresa, Canada
My 4 year old is a master escape artist. It doesn't matter how we try and bolt the door, lock the gates, secure the windows - he can find a way to get out.
Sammy, OH
If I can't understand what my son is saying, he can go to his bookcase, instantly pick out the book he wants, turn to the specific page he needs and point to the word he's trying to say.
Audrey, MD
My 3 year old daughter can climb to the top of our refrigerator in about 3 moves
Limor, WA
My son is 22 months old. He counts up to 200 in 5's. He can do it in reverse too. We have no idea how he learned this.
Lynne, PA
My 7 year old is an Internet search guru. He can find absolutely anything from the script for Shrek to ancient Japanese culture and tradition.
Ronnie, NY
My 8 year old has always had an interest in the solar system. He knows about every planet, including their moons, weight, density etc.
Shannon, FL
My 7 year old nephew loves the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. When he got home, he searched through all his toys and recreated all his favorite exhibits from the museum
Simone, NY
My cousin has autism and he knows exactly how long it takes for every traffic light in his town to turn from red to green.
Tina, GA
My son loves zip codes. He can tell you the zip code for every area in the USA
Becky, MN
My child can "speak" to cats. He goes down to their level, rubs up against them and greets them. The cat always responds. They sound so much alike it's hard to determine who is who.
Bev, NY
My 13 year old daughter remembers where she got every one of her beanie babies going back to 10 years ago.
Noni, NY
My 6 year old daughter talks just like Mater from Cars. She can recite every song she hears with perfect pitch and knows the name of the artist. She can remember the smallest detail from the time she was 2. If anything is moved in a room (even one she only visited once), she immediately notices.
Lisa, MD
My son at the age of 4 could name all of the makes and models of the cars on the road and now he is 8 and can tell you the year as well now.
Heidi, UT
My nephew can say the alphabet backwards and forwards and no matter where you stop him he can continue from that point in either direction. He can also tell you the day of the week your birthday is going to be on the next year.
Pepper, OR
My 6 year old grandson is like a skilled engineer. He can draw beautifully and he makes gorgeous Lego projects.
Linda, WA
My son is able to re-create a scene, for example a doctors visit. He re-arranges the furniture as best he can to look like the doctors office, and then he mimics the doctors visit, playing each part word for word, including the sound effects such as papers rustling in the background.
Vickie, PA
I used to work with a 5-year-old boy that could tell you the exact square
footage of a room just by looking at it!!!
Shauna, GA
I once worked with someone who could give you which day of the week a given month / date / year fell on, going back a hundred years.
Clementine, NJ
My 6 year old can recite songs after listening to it a few times. At first I thought he was just mumbling, but then I realized he was singing all the songs he had heard.
Teresa, GA
My child has incredible musical ability. I'm sure he hears notes that we don't hear. He has perfect pitch and melody.
Lori, NH"

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