Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quote of the Day

Leo completed his first ever biography book report. He chose Hank Aaron. It was sports, and of course I loved the fact that discrimination was a part of it! I can't believe he's old enough for something like that!

When picking out things to report about Hank Aaron's early life, he chose the fact that Hank's dad built them a house out of old boards from a torn-down house. I said that was an excellent idea. Hank's house didn't have plumbing or heat either. I told Leo he could add those facts too, further showing how he grew up poor. Leo looked at me impatiently and said, "Mom! I already said the house was made of old boards. They can INFER that he grew up poor!"

I have never used that word before with him. That word! That word has been written hundreds of times all over IEPs and other therapy materials. And now he's giving me his lesson right back to me. Infer they can, Leo. And of course I got all teary!


Laura said...

Oh my! That's amazing! I know several adults who can't use the word infer correctly! Go, Leo!

Ashley loves Leo said...

Too funny!