Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Everyday Life in 2nd Grade

So Leo, Sydney, and I are in the car driving home from Sydney's Bioset appointment. She decides to call Dad on the cell phone. She crosses her legs, and dials very professionally and gets him live on the phone. She's gabbing away about her day (she's 5 1/2), talking very "grown up". Leo says, "Sydney loves to act like a big girl doesn't she Mom? She cracks me up. She has her 'big girl' voice on." And I nod and smile in agreement (I am driving after all). Leo shakes his head and chuckles "I certainly know my sister".
Love that Theory Of Mind working!

In the car on the way to school (late again), I overhear Leo and Sydney talking about Gary in class, how he gets mad all the time. Apparently Gary (yes, he has an IEP)screams out loud at classmates on occasion, for different things. I say that I like Gary a lot, and that he's your friend, and so what if he has things to work on? (talk about reverse discrimination). That we ALL have stuff - Leo's talking out of turn, I have my temper, Sydney her her whining, etc. Leo says "I know Mom, I like him too, he's my friend. Jeremy tells me not to like Gary, but I do. He's my Secret Friend." I respond by saying all the right things - how no one else is the boss of who you like, and how you need to stand up for your friends. Leo says" I know Mom, I didn't do what Jeremy said. Jeremy knows that Gary is my friend. I just don't talk about it."
Love that social judgement working!
Leo has never told me or his Dad about any girls he may have crushes on at school. Not in Kindergarten or in 1st Grade either. He always gets very defensive and says he doesn't want to talk about it, that it's private. Recently I asked (I can't help myself!), saying, "well, if you HAD to choose a girl to like, who would it be? I promise I won't talk about it or tease you, nor tell anyone else." He held firm. I said, "Well, have you told anyone?" Leo told his best friend, and said his friend will never tell.
Love that he keeps secrets and has a best friend! More social judgement, enriching relationships

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