Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bioset And Autism, ADD, ADHD, and Immune Deficiency

As I've always said, if Leo still had an IEP, there'd be 3 remaining goals:
1)Continue to monitor Leo's development. Keep current on therapy options and research. Something may come down the pike that applies to us, or will apply to us in the future.
2) Protect Leo's anonymity by keeping my advocacy private and separate from Leo's life.
3) Manage Leo's immune and GI systems to keep him at optimal health

So, this post is related to Goal #3
We went through the Bioset protocol. And what is it? My friends and I refer to it as "voo doo" therapy, because it certainly is on the opposite end of the spectrum away from western medicine. In a nutshell:
BioSet is a gentle, drug-free means of eliminating food intolerances and environmental sensitivities. BioSet promotes healthy immune function by reducing immune overload so common in ASD children.

And more:
BioSet is based on the principle of the engergetic body as taught in Chinese medicine and utilizes acupressure, muscle testing, as well as computer technology.

As we are taught in basic biochemistry, all substances, living and non living, emit energy. Atoms attract and repel one another, building molecules and complex structures, all the while creating energy frequencies that interact in positive and negative ways.

When frequencies are misaligned, a block or weakness occurs resulting in symptoms associated with allergic reactivity.

BioSet corrects the energy flow thereby releasing the blockage and resetting the immune system. This process is called “clearing.” Clearing for a specific sensitivity helps to normalize the immune response resulting in a marked decrease in symptoms.

The BioSet practitioner uses muscle testing or electrodermal screening to determine where in the body the allergy or reactivity is taking place.

By activating specific accupressure points along the spine, the BioSet practitioner is then able to “clear” for the blockage, and thereby, clear for the sensitivity.

Once “cleared” of a specific sensitivity using the BioSet method of allergy desensitization, the physical symptoms associated with the sensitivity in question also clear.

For example, if you are reactive to pollen and you “clear” for pollen, you will no longer experience the symptomology associated with your sensitivity (i.e. sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc).

BioSet’s success lies in the fact that BioSet heals the child from the inside out. Children who suffer from these and other issues are highly sensitive individuals with overly reactive immune systems.

Because they are so reactive, their immune systems become easily overloaded simply fighting off everyday foods which are misperceived as foreign antibodies.

The result is that these children have little immune support left to fend off real threats in the form of bacterial and viral infections. Likewise, because they are so reactive to so many foods, they neither digest , nor absorb their nutrients efficiently.

Thus, vital organ systems are effectively undernourished, including the brain which relies on a variety of proteins and fatty acids to produce the appropriate neurotransmitters essential in forging neuropathways.

After clearing for food intolerances as well as chemical and environmental sensitivities, most children experience marked improvement in both their physical symptomology, as well as their emotional well being.

Likewise, because ASD children are so sensitive, they often react to certain supplements in their program (i.e. they experience hyperactivity, aggression,or an increase in stimming). Often, this kind of reactivity can be reduced or eliminated by either clearing for the supplement in question, or by muscle testing products and dosage to determine the exact needs of the child.

Phew! I apologize for the long description. I couldn't find a way to edit this further.

So far so good with Leo. It'll be interesting to see how long he'll "hold" his clearings - we did wheat and dairy, corn, soy, chlorine, mosquitos, and various seasonal stuff. He had the best spring ever, and not one mosquito bite, while his sister and myself had tons per usual. We let him "cheat" a bit more, but our organic whole foods lifestyle remains. I'm just too chicken! Plus, we give him enzymes when he "cheats", and for maintenance. I'm not a big supplement chick - Leo has always been a good eater, so I give him the omegas and some Bs and call it a day.

So there ya go!


Kristina Chew said...

Hi---how did you find out about Bioset? It does seem of a piece with some of the thinking behind various biomedical interventions----hope Leo's new school year starts well!

Ashley loves Leo said...

Thanks Kristina. My sister's did it for my two nephews (Down Syndrome and Sensory Integration disorder), so I finally got around to doing it, and found a qualified practioner that specializes in children. Managing that toxic load. I agree, this branch of caring for the body is very important I think, and as always not all encompassing.

I wish Charlie the best as well! p.s. I'm "double blogging" since I'm not sure how the email versus comment thingy works. I'm still a rookie!

Anonymous said...

Terrific to hear your young one has known benefits with Bioset. I'm a senior that has had a long history with sensitivities and did find some relief with Bioset. However after some 2 years the symptoms of food and environment allergies have returned. Did your practitioner ever give you a time line on how long benefits would last? Tom

Ashley loves Leo said...

Hi Tom. Yes, some sensitivities can come back. There is no one-size-fits all on how the body will respond since it depends on the body's load and overall functioning, age, issues, etc.

It can also depend on the practitioner - they may have missed a specific clearing that you are sensitive to without realizing it. I've found environmental allergies to change over time - the stuff in the air changes. A serious illness, a detox, or other stresses can weaken the body's natural defenses and cause a blockage to return. Being human is complicated!

We annually check the basics for anything that has returned. My son was clear for two years, then came up with one of the the B vitamins as blocked. We cleared it and now he's back to normal.

Eating well, exercising, and sleep in theory should keep the body healthy and keep your clearings. All we can do I suppose.

Hope this helps! And good luck, Ashley