Thursday, August 03, 2006

ABA Experts and Criteria - a Poll

Hi there. Here's an update on my empty blog poll. I noticed that people have been searching for this very answer, according to my statistics. I had many answers emailed to me from this website and from a group I belong to. So...I added some answers on my Resource page (it's at the top, under ABA of course)Here's what I orignally said on this post:

I am in the process of putting together a list of criteria and a description of an "expert" in ABA for my website. I get many emails asking about criteria. Indeed, finding the right person is such an individual thing - a parent's prized therapist could be another's nightmare. That being said, I thought I may ask around and see what other's consider to be good criteria, good pointers, or good questions to ask before hiring an ABA team.

So that being said, how can we measure effectiveness? Or provide criteria that gives the best possible chance of describing an effective therapist, putting the odds in the parent's favor of wasting less time?

Shall we take some data, pun intended, for an ABA candidate?

Credentials. Experience. A person that "gets it". And any combination of the three? Food for thought....But seriously, ANY thoughts or experiences to share on this matter would be helpful to so many people.

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