Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Bionic Hearing is Validated

So I just found this decible chart. Here are some of the items listed:
Airplane: 101db at 500ft
Leaf Blower: 82 db at 25 feet
Wake (from boat): 73db
Autum Day winds and birds: 55db
Truck's air brakes: 90db

You have to admit, those leaf blowers are the worst!

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Laura said...

Yeah, leaf blowers are bad for the environment, too. Fortunately, our leaves are usually too wet to be blown, though we do own a leaf blower.

I just took Hutton to get a hearing test from an Auditory Integration techician. He recommends doing treatment series for it -- surprise, surprise! :) But, hey, it's covered by insurance, and I'm willing to try anything once! We'll see how it goes.