Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Epidemic No One Understands

November 28, 2006
Second Opinion
An Epidemic No One Understands
When our first son developed asthma as a 3-year-old, my husband and I felt pretty much blindsided. We were only a little less shocked when the same thing happened to our second son, at the same age.

The disease turned out to be tenacious, and for years both boys needed inhalers or a nebulizer machine several times a day to prevent asthma attacks that could keep them up half the night, coughing and wheezing.

Both had eczema, too, and the kind of food allergies — to nuts, peanuts and shellfish — that can lead to fatal reactions.

What caused all this? My husband and I were mystified, because neither of us had asthma or life-threatening allergies, nor did our parents or siblings. I do have hay fever and allergies to cats and dogs, but I had always considered my symptoms just a nuisance — not a bad omen for the next generation. My husband isn’t allergic to anything.

But we seem to have been caught on a rising tide that no one fully understands. Our sons were born in 1984 and 1987, and we encountered an awful lot of children their ages who had the same illnesses, far more than we remembered from our own generation.

Statistics suggest that something strange was occurring in those years. From 1980 to 2003, the prevalence of asthma in children rose to 5.8 percent from 3.6 percent, an increase of about 60 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Hmm...Did I miss the memo stating this is Stupid Article Week? I'm referring to the Parents of ASD (and others) Have More Stress? Geraldine Dawson struck with this article (she's very critical of ABA and Recovery)

Anyway...Back to the current Dumb Du Jour...Duh people! I think we all know the cause of her son's asthma. Pollution. Toxins gallore everywhere. Day after day, week after week, year after year, increasing. Laid down by all of my neighbors for tick control. Added by food companies into food, water supplies, and into the air.


John Ng said...

I, too, am deeply touched when I hear and see people who must put up with whatever kind of hand that God has dealt them. That is why I feel that I must reply to these articles concerning people's allergies. Even if they fall upon deaf ears... so be it! About 3 years ago, a technique was invented that allowed children and adults to be relieved of all allergy symptoms, permanently! I know that this sounds too good to be true... but it is. I, myself, have witnessed countless number of people who have walked through our door with allergies of all sorts coming in. From food to environmental to chemical to molds to dust... the list goes on and on. Even those suffering from anaphylactic reactions. That's right, let me repeat this, even those suffering from anaphylactic reactions have come through our door.

There is a way to deal with allergies and I must admit that I too, was once an unbeliever in any form of allergy symptom removal. There is a way to test for the allergies through applied kinesiology and there is a way to remove the allergy symptoms through a new technique called electro-acupuncture, which has no penetration of the skin. This technique has only been licenced for use over the last three years. It is a device that you put against the skin and various acupuncture points located throughout the body. Results are guaranteed and 80% of the clients have their allergy symptoms removed on their first visit, permanently! I strongly encourage you to visit our website at for further information.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Hi John. Thanks for writing. I agree, we have many viable treatment options today that don't involve medication. We too use acupuncture/accupressure techniques for allergy symptom management. The Autism Community has been very aggressive in finding these alternative treatments, and have been very successful. Here is link to a previous post on this blog:

Although I am committed to the treatment, I am equally committed to raising awareness of the causes of our health issues today: Asthma, allergies, neurological disorders, developmental disorders, cancers, to name just a few...

Have a great weekend!

mcewen said...

Well at least I know that I'm partly to blame, and it's a great excuse not to do housework any more [even though the damage is already done] I think this gives me carte blanch to throw away my mop and dusters!
Have a great [chore free] weekend.