Sunday, November 19, 2006

On Bad Days Good Things Happen

So Leo has been cranky boy ALL day. And days are long when there's no activities and no school, right? I've been waiting for 7:30pm since 9am this morning.

Anyway, he told us a story about Sydney. She had fallen down and hurt herself at a friend's house. He said that she hadn't "really" hurt herself since she (demonstrating) took two tiny steps than put herself on the ground. I also liked that he thought it was funny how she devised this, and how he gets so much entertainment out of her.

Later at dinner, Sydney said she liked the song that was on (Sirius Satellite Radio, Coffee House station). He rolled his eyes and said "all the songs on the radio are about girlfriends and love and stuff. Gross". My husband said that's such an 8 year old response, and went on to explain how people often write songs about emotions, and that love his such a popular one.

Yay, bedtime! Desperate Housewives...ahh.....


Laura said...

I'm already tired of trying to keep my boys entertained, and I've got a whole week with no school! Arrgh! Playing the games both boys can play gets old fast. That's really funny about the "gross" music. I forgot about D.H. - better go watch!

Ashley loves Leo said...

I hear ya. The ages of your kids make it even harder. I'm sure you've heard this, but it does get easier!