Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voting for the Goldfish Cracker

On the drive home from voting this morning, I fantasized about what I wished was on the ballet. Here's a short list for the Board Of Education Section:

*Director Of Special Ed (R) (D) (Sp. Ed. Mother) (just not an idiot)
*Cafeteria Menu plans and cost per pupil (high) (medium) (low)
*Weak link Teachers to Place on Notice(fill in only)

So what, may I ask, would you like to vote for if you could????
What can we vote for that directly impacts our everyday lives? Other than regular voting, I choose to vote by complaint letters. I actually have so many, I have them organized by category in Word.

While packing Leo and Sydney's lunch up for a play date at a friends, we got on the topic of snacks at other people's houses. Leo said he's always wished for goldfish, "They always smell SO GOOD, Mom". With that, I knew what I'd be doing for part of the morning. Here's today's complaint letter to Pepperidge Farms.

Hello home of the gold fish cracker! I wanted to ask if you could please make a gluten-free dairy-free version of your cracker. Your cracker is so delicious and wildy popular among children as I'm sure you know. This popularity includes children that can't have them due to food allergies and intolerances. This growing population are dying for a version they can have! Goldfish are part of all children's culture whether they can eat them or not. At school, at play dates, at the park, this is what you see moms pull out of their schlep bags.

You may have heard that many children on the Autism Spectrum do very well on a wheat and dairy free diet, which aces out their favorite cracker. A growing percentage of children have food allergies, making an allergy-free version is in super high demand. Trust me! They will fly off the shelves. Not bad for PR as well. This is the new reality. Food allergies won't go away and Pepperidge Farms can benefit from these changing times. Thanks for your consideration!

Dare I ask for my beloved, the Cheez-It?

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Laura said...

Man, now I want to go get some goldfish! Harrison is now gluten-free, too, so I can't even get them pretending they're for him! I love goldfish floating in a bowl of tomato soup!