Friday, November 16, 2007

My Letter to Prince George

ATTN: State's Attorney, Glen F. Ivey; Fax: (301) 952-3775
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley; Fax: (410) 974-5735

Dear Mr. Ivey and Governor O'Malley,

Please stop this embarrassing stance on mandating vaccinations. I thought I was reading fiction when I heard about this civil rights violation. If you've had a chance to read any story lately about vaccinations of any kind, it's obvious that the vaccination protocol in this country is dangerously outdated. I am not against vaccinations in general. I am vehemently against one-size-fits-all vaccinations and vaccinations that are for profit that cause more disease.

Please end this madness and horrible cost to your taxpayers.


Maddy said...

We just [all] had to have the flu vaccines, following a couple of really bad asthma attacks.
Best wishes

Ashley loves Leo said...

I hope you all have a healthy flu season. For us, I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I'm pumping my kids with all sorts of immune boosters. Maybe the'll both turn into rabbits. ha ha

My Leo was diagnosed with asthma at 2. Fortunately for us, we found healing through food and other biomedical stuff helped minimize and eventually get rid of his asthma. I don't think he was ever very severe, but still scary.

My husband still has asthma, but hasn't had a bad attack in about 4 years. He still needs his daily maintenance puff, but I am hopeful we can get him to that place as well. There is no replacement for breathing is there! :) I've been to the ER with him one too many times. Not fun. I've been to the ER many times for croup with Sydney. Yeah, no replacement for those golden steroids when you need them!

Laura said...

Sigh. What's the story with Canada these days? Maybe I can get a ranch in Idaho and Montana and hole-up there when the Vaccine Militia take over the world.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Maybe we could have an Autism commune. Very Atlas Shrugged.

mommy~dearest said...