Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things That Make My Head Explode

1)The notion of carbon monoxide in food, accompanied by idiotic label disclaimers. Companies deem it safe based on nothing.

2)Pediatricians "plight" or "call" for better diagnosing Autism. Yeah, it was their idea, not all of us screaming moms, due process, and insurance companies.

3) The media's spin on the latest CDC research about vaccinations. That death rates for 13 diseases that can be prevented by childhood vaccinations has decreased by 90% in 9 of them. Huh, nothing about childhood disorders skyrocketing.

4)Prince George's County in Missouri trying to force 2,300 students to vaccinate. I wonder how many therapy hours we could get for the cost of the attorneys' fees alone? Not to mention the cost of their board of ed's time and money.

5)Waiting for Parent/Teacher conferences to be over. Two days and counting.

Leo's first stim. The rug in his room

Leo's latest stim. Baseball cards. A true sports junky.


Artemisia said...

Now, THAT's a miracle!

And here's to a new appreciation of the detritus of a normal childhood...

Laura said...

The carbon monoxide thing - but it makes the meat stay all purty and fresh-looking longer! Not fresh, but fresh-looking! Come on, it's better to look good than to feel good, right?

I'm going to keep Hutton away from baseball cards as long as possible. Anything collectible for that matter. I already have a "bad collector" gene I passed on to him. We need to declutter the house, and the collector gene from our family gene pool, I think!

Ashley loves Leo said...

I have quite a collection of collections as well:

Concert t-shirts
wall mounted match box holders
Clothes that don't fit me!