Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tonight's News on NYS Ed.'s aversive behavioral regulations

Look what just got sent to me....For more information, see the link at bottom of article.

As of now, NBC Channel 4 (NYC) news is scheduled to present a piece this
evening, Thursday, on the NYS Ed. Dept.'s aversive behavioral intervention
regulations. Of course, if Mt. Saint Helens erupts, or the war in Iraq ends
abruptly, the piece may be rescheduled for a later airing. However, at this
time, it is supposed to appear during tonight's NBC Channel 4's 6 o'clock
news. I expect the piece will document some of the kinds of serious
physical and emotional harm children with disabilities have been, are
currently, or may in the future be exposed to in NY's schools, with or
without parental knowledge or consent, due to these regulations.

Since these regulations cover every single NYS child with a disability, and
since they approve "emergency" use of "reasonable force" - even to stop a
kindergarten child from destroying a school crayon, or from annoying a
teacher with hand-flapping or verbal tics- it is important that all parents
and guardians see this show and decide whether they wish to take steps to
protect their children from "trauma, injury and sometimes death."
Unfortunately, according to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services, trauma,
injury and sometimes deaths can, and do, sometimes result from use of these
behavior control methods.

Dee Alpert, Publisher
The Special Education Muckraker

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