Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ali G/ Borat Comedian is Simon Baron Cohen's Cousin (or brother?)

Riotous, rude, controversial, even racist (or "racialist," as he might say)—these have been just a few adjectives used to describe the cultural phenomenon Ali G, the creation of British-born actor-comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

I saw an article on him where they linked him with his cousin. Then I watched his bio unfold on Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating people episode. Barbara mentions Sacha has never been interviewed out of character.

Interesting. Many comedians are on the spectrum. Some say that comedy (and acting) are nice options (if one is talented). Our peeps have quite a sense of humor in my opinion! Many people are passionate about advocating for people with ASD, but none are more passionate than people with family member or a close friend that's on the spectrum. Hmm....gotta wonder where Simon gets his motivation! I love it!

FYI I orginially posted that they were brothers. I changed it based on the comments, but I didn't research the exact relation. One of these days I will, on my list.


mcewen said...

You and me both dearie. Cheers

Anonymous said...

sacha is his first cousin, not his brother.

Anonymous said...

simon baron-cohen is sacha's cousin btw, not his brother.