Thursday, December 07, 2006

Plastic Bags from the Gap and Children's Place

Is it me and my bionic sense of smell? These holiday bags are making me gag. I had to pull over and move my newly purchased stuff to the trunk area. I was curious to see what these bags are made of. They seem full of ink that seems to stain my hands for starters.

My question. What the heck are these bags made of???

I thought I'd trot over to the horse's mouth - the Gap online. I found very informative stuff, but no specifics about these stinkin' (pun intended) bags:

I did, however, find something interesting posted under the corporate pages of Gap Inc, under Social Responsibility: (hint: look for autism words like mercury and wheat)

Low-Toxic Materials
Lighting is one of the largest sources of mercury in the solid waste stream. We're switching from traditional fluorescent lamps to low-mercury fluorescent lamps when the old ones burn out in all locations — stores, offices and distribution centers — to reduce the amount of toxic waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators.

Our stores and distribution centers also use non-formaldehyde wheat board for stockroom and warehouse shelving and have replaced chlorinated adhesives with low-volatile organic compound adhesives.

I must have missed that one about mercury in fluorescent lights. I thought fluorescent light was horrible for a million other reasons for us and our kids. Yikes! Oh, and the wheat comment. I thought corn dominated that market. Hmm...maybe not for the Gap. So their clothing may have trace elements of wheat? Interesting.

I'm going to send them an email in hopes I'll have an answer. If not, then I'm off to Children's Place.


mcewen said...

I vote we pack up and head for an island, an uninhabited one. You can use the shady side of the palm tree.Best wishes

Ashley loves Leo said...

Nice offer on the sides. Still nothing from the Gap, so I'm off to Childrens' Place. After we get our tree, and only if my spouse doesn't fall off the roof since he's hanging lights today.