Sunday, December 17, 2006

Misinformation and the Flu Shot

Does the flu shot really decrease the number of deaths and hospital stays each year? You decide. And natch, we aren't even talking about mercury and other issues.

Each year, we see the big campaign from our government to get the shot. We see misinformation printed by the press that scares many parents into vaccinating their children. My favorite misinformation? When they print world statistics, not U.S.A. stats to scare people into submission. Most disgustingly, pregnant women are sought after.

At the end of each flu season, we see an article or two published, discreatly positioned, with a few telling lines hidden toward the bottom of these articles. They often say the number of fatalities didn't increase from the prior year significantly. There are countless articles on the subject of vaccinations as we all know. I am certainly not an expert. But I'm also not stupid. Anyway, here's a quick read for those considering a flu shot this year:


mcewen said...

Because the boys both have asthma we get priority for these shots, but I'm always in the dither about it. The match between the real virus and the vaccine always seems to be such a hit and miss affair. Cheers

Ashley loves Leo said...

True. They seem to always be a step behind the latest virus out there anyway.