Friday, January 15, 2010

So Much Newness!

So much newness! A new house, school, community. And Leo is 11!
The kids LOVE it here, although they miss their friends. My biggest concern, of COURSE, was my big boy. Would I undo all that we've done? We moved largely to be out of a tick endemic area. Which kid is most important? Upsetting the apple cart vs. having a cleaner environment for my daughter?
Fortunately he seems to be thriving, also demonstrating there are no holes in his programming and that his recovery is real. Out of his comfort zone of the same kids, school, neighborhood, and community. It amazes me how he has the confidence and adaptive skills to adjust to EVERYTHING being new.
The cleaner environment seems to help HIM in addition to Sydney, as he does struggle with his bacterial load, including a lyme co-infection Mycoplasma fermentans. He is asymptomatic about 95% of the time (tic-free, headache free).
Leo continues to love sports, loves playing basketball and baseball. Still amazes me he can do it and CHOOSES it after he had such a hypersensitivity in his face for everything, let alone flying objects. He is actually good at it! And again, with completely different kids in a different league/culture. Another adaptation.
Leo had a very successful class birthday party (just the boys) at our local gym. I can't believe he is 11 and that puberty is around the corner. Our next milestone. Grandma visited and so his birthday celebration was big in spite of being in transition.
We are still in LYME HELL with my 8 yr old daughter, but she has made progress this past year. We are beginning year 2 of her treatment. My goal is that she is pain-free by year 3 - seems to be a fair marker. So, I spend all day doing the things you know i am doing as a parent with a special needs child.
The kids play every day with the neighbor kids in our new cul de sac. It's so surreal to me, how happy they are running around, knocking on doors. Going back and forth between houses. A really really nice group of kids (so far, I am in the honeymoon phase!)
The kids have their own room, and as you can imagine they relish their new TURF. It's very cute how they are coming into their own as they mature.
I unpacked my homeopathic school books - I hope to start studying as things calm down settling into the new house. It'll wax and wane as Sydney's needs vary.
All in all I am happy with the new year, and hopeful that Leo will continue to thrive and that Sydney continues making progress toward recovery.

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