Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kettleman City, CA and Birth Defects

According to this article Ketttleman City is toxic because of Chemical Waste Management Inc

They own us.

I grew up in central California, so I am very familiar with the sights and smells of the endless sea of manure and cows. One can smell Kettleman City way before you even get there as you drive along I5. Interestingly there was no mention of the mass production of cows living in horrendous conditions that we've all read about and seen on t.v. And now this, which I am sure is related. I am happy for Greenactionand hope their families don't suffer for nothing.

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James Weinstock said...

In all my travels, all over the North American Continent and all over the world, I've seen many cruel practices embroidered into the fabric of different cultures. The most cruel of all is happening as these words are read: the tortuous conditions in which tens of thousands of cattle are being held captive in a field the size of Dodger Stadium. Tell me what I can do to irradicate this blight, and I will pursue same with fervor. It is a stain on our specie that we would allow such cruelty to endure. May the Lord help us to be better. ~selah~