Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kid's Jewelry

For China's low-cost jewelry makers, it was an open trade secret: The metal cadmium is shiny, strong and malleable at low temperatures, regardless of its health hazards. And it's cheap.

Anyone with a chronically ill child or a child with special needs has probably heard this years ago. Like most things - hormone milk, organic this and that, green living. What steams me is that no one has mentioned how there is a huge problem with how we monitor toxins. Since jewelry isn't food, the FDA doesn't have to worry about it. Or light-up shoes that contain mercury. Light-up candy canes for your yard and other holiday crap. Oh right, and the toy thing. Time and time again this stuff gets into our systems. Easily. Another reason why we have a damaged generation.

So far, nothing from toy stores or anything from OUR government. It's CHINA'S fault per usual. But is it? Who is accountable for what goes into our children's mouths, what they wear, what they play with, and what is in their homes?

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