Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Meme

I have been tagged! By a fellow parent of a recovered child Artemisia. She is a gifted writer and mom, and best yet she makes me think. Her son is now a teen, so I relish hearing every single bit of what his life is like. It's a good life I'll tell ya! So here's to Artemisia, Boo, and a shot to the rest of the recovered children out there. We may not be popular, but we exist. I may not be happy that I am considered part of a faction(s), but I am happy that I have company. It's nice there are minds that don't feel I am less worthy just because my son no longer requires services. I'd much prefer that factions just go away and us Autism families can just co-exist with acceptance,support, and tolerance. We only really have each other. A tall order, a dream Christmas Gift!

So here goes:

Best Childhood Gift
A plastic horse statue (model?) with a real leather saddle and bridle. My mother would store the saddle and bridle carefully in foil up out of reach in a kitchen cabinet. I'd sit for hours putting that saddle on and off, pretending I was the Barbie taking care of it and riding it around town (my fort made of couch pillows).

Best Adult Gift
Leo's Clinical Supervisor said it was a go to begin our fading program (fading services). A gift for all of us, after the holidays his hours would be less. This also meant we could go to California to visit my family for two weeks instead of one. We didn't need to cut it short for a fear of a regression.

What You Hope For In The Future
That my husband and I can figure out the best school/town scenario for Leo's middle school transition. I hope both of my kids can have an uneventful but excellent middle school and high school experience. As much as one can hope for anyway! This topic is what keeps me up at night. I totally obsess too much over this topic!

I tag Erica and Maddy. Maddy's been quite busy with Memes, so please don't feel like you must post something. I just had to include you in my mention of honorable moms. I also tag Laura, another mom that is as funny as they come and has great creativity when it comes to costumes. They are uber moms that also make me think like Artemisia. I also tag all lurky loos and other people that really know me. You know who you are! Just post me a lil' ole' comment. Cheers (as Maddy says)and Happy Holidays to you!, Ashley

Hi all. This is an addendum to the post. I've unfortunately had to enable comment moderation. The negativity during the holidays just didn't work for me. I'll never understand how people take the time to post hate, rather than just move on to reading blogs they agree with.

Here is a copy of the regular comments people left me up until now:

Maddy said...
See! Aren't you glad you're on my google feed reader now! Thank you for the tag. How come you've not linked to Artemisia? Do I need to type that into google blog search.

I'm up to my ears in cookies, sausage rolls, snot and children [not necessarily in that order] but I'll put this on my to do list for as you noted I am well behind on these meme's [I have 27 in the works!]

Many happy seasonal greetings to you and yours.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"which takes you straight to my new blog.

2:01 PM
Ashley loves Leo said...
You are funny. Now that's a list! I went back and fixed Artemisia and added her as a link. It's
It's also on my blog list. Have a great time with all that cookin'!

2:05 PM
Casdok said...
Lovely meme!

2:49 AM

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