Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Jersey Makes Flu Shot Mandatory

Well, officially next week, the state commissioner will add the flu shot to the list of mandatory vaccines for school children and day care children. They'll be the first state to add this shot. New Jersey of all places, a hub of Autism stats.

The coverage of this news does include the fact that parents can sign a religious or medical exemption form. Just a sentence, lost somewhere in the middle. Taming of the herds I suppose. I guess I should be happy they still have a choice. Hopefully parents will educate themselves of their choices.


~Miss Nelson said...

wow. That means other states will follow.

Artemisia said...

This makes me ill.

On the other hand, maybe newly educated parents will revolt and pressure the vax companies to issue flu shots without thimerasol.

Ashley loves Leo said...

True Artemisa. One less thing to worry about, the #1 neurotoxin. And at least lead is getting a lot of press these days. And people REACT. I find that fascinating.

If only they'd address WHY we are bearing children with altered immune and GI systems.