Monday, February 26, 2007

Largest U.S. Dairy Shuns Milk From Clones

Largest U.S. dairy shuns milk from clones
Fri Feb 23, 3:07 PM ET
The largest U.S. dairy processor and distributor said even if food products from cloned animals become a reality, it will not sell milk from animals that have been cloned because of ongoing consumer concerns. Dean Foods Co. said late on Thursday that several surveys have shown their U.S. customers are not interested in buying milk or milk products that come from cloned animals. "Our decision not to accept this milk is based on meeting our consumers' expectations," the company said in a statement. "We see no consumer benefit from this technology." The U.S. Food and Drug Administration tentatively ruled late last year that milk and meat from some cloned animals are safe to eat, bringing the controversial technology closer to American grocery carts. Dean said if the FDA approves the sale of milk from clones it will work with its dairy farmers to ensure the milk they supply to the company does not come from those animals. Proponents have touted cloned animals as safe and hope the technology will create animals that produce more milk, better meat and are more disease-resistant. Opinion polls, however, show consumers are more wary. A survey by the International Food Information Council found that more than half of consumers were unlikely to buy food made from cloned animals, no matter what the government says. Cloning animals involves taking the nuclei of cells from adults and fusing them into egg cells that are implanted into a surrogate mother. Hundreds of livestock animals already have been cloned, but producers and the nascent industry have voluntarily agreed not to sell any foods from these animals until the FDA decision is finalized.
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Again, the FDA is picking and choosing what they test and what they don't test for us, the American public. CRAZY! Personally, the scary thing is that if this indeed happens, these providers may not be required to label this meat which leaves Joe consumer with no choices. The sad thing, is that all of these resources are going to cloned meat that promotes our current inefficient disease promoting industrialized farming methods. These methods are what needs changing!

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