Thursday, February 01, 2007

Funny Things Leo Says

While doing homework, Leo says, "Did you know you don't need the bottom of a pencil sharpener? You can still use it. It's only for the scraps. The top part is the most important."

During a discussion about a friend in class that has behavior issues, Leo protectively said to me "Gary's issues are private. It doesn't matter what they are. He's my friend." Good for him!

We've been listening to a new music station in the kitchen. He noticed before anyone else that they were repeating a song, and how many times. The irony, noticing when somebody ELSE repeats!

Self Control is one of Leo's "things he's working on". Specifically, monitoring his thoughts so he doesn't say them out loud at the wrong time. He'll blurt out the answer while everyone else raises their hands. So one day he and his sister were talking about the intercom and the announcements at school. Leo confessed that sometimes they make mistakes, so he'll quietly correct the name to himself.

I picked Leo up at a play date recently. Sydney immediately ran out into the woods to join the boys while I was having a chat with the mom. It was dusk, and they "got lost". Leo came to Sydney's rescue by holding her hand when she was nervous AND carried her over a stream because she was too afraid to jump over it like the boys did.

Over a weekend with nothing to do, Leo found a flashlight and started looking in dark places like the whole in the kitchen where the tennis balls always goes. He spent about a half hour doing this. A far cry from the old days when he'd stare into a flash light and he'd stim like crazy over them in general. I recall the days when we just couldn't have them in the house!

I like sitting in between my Dad and my sister at the movies (between was the spelling word for writing homework)

Our holiday card had several photos of the kids, one being a picture of Leo's face but he was in the bath. When the card was complimented by a friend, he said the photo on the new years card was so embarrassing because of the bath. It never even occured to me that it would. He's growing up!

"Sydney, she's just ASSHOLE!"

After a play date, Leo said "I didn't have fun with Cameron today, it was so frustrating." It didn't seem like a match to me (different interests). I was glad he felt the same way!

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