Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Another Mom Like Me

In response to my post the other day about being a special mom...This mom says...

"Hi.  I just read your blog. I get it....I want to be regular too.

I want to eat a hamburger made in a plant with downed cows, eat a chicken that has been pumped up with hormones and left in a warehouse for 4 months to smell it's own urine and drink milk that is pumped up with HGH. I want to let my son roll down a bright green grass hill full of pesticides and not worry about it. I want to let him run his hands along the playground equipment that is full of pollen and then touch his face and not worry about the welts that will take over his body. I want to eat hot dogs that have nitrates and eat candy loaded with chemicals...but I can't go back now."


Jenn said...

Funny, I was thinking much along the same lines as I was shopping today for GLASS pitchers and storage-ware to replace all the BPA and phthalate laden garbage that's in my cupboards. *shudder*

On the bright side... I recently found a local dairy that still delivers antibiotic & hormone free milk in the glass bottle! Wahoo!

Laura said...

The other day I was at the drug store, and remembered I needed to get some more calcium supplements for me and Hutton. I couldn't find a single one that didn't have some unnecessary crap in it. I started to get angry, then I remembered, I am in a DRUG store, not a vitamin or HEALTH store. Big difference, unfortunately.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Big diff indeed Laura. I am a foreigner in my own town. And Jenn I am SO JEALOUS. Good for you, that is the coolest ever.

Although ready for THIS buzz kill? One of our Lyme docs warned me that raw milk and cheese may be a possible carrier of Lyme disease. We buy local raw milk whenever possible, of course they are grazing and living in Lyme Land!