Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I am not-so-secretly bitter that the silly food companies have finally figured out how to make a fake Cheerio.  Rice, corn, sugar, and salt.  Here's my official shout out to Nature's Path Organic Whole O's.  I speculate one can really use these as a replacement with no one the wiser, no social ramifications.   Sure we've seen the crappy weird looking Glutino version and a few others that have come and gone.  I even saw a protein version the other day, Better Balance Gluten Free Honey Almond Protein Cereal.  

As cool and exciting as it may be, too little too late for us.  Our stroller-car seat-keep them occupied days are over where Cheerios is gold.  Barter and bribery to soothe hurt feelings over not being able to have the lovely Cheerios is a dim memory.  

I envy those moms with young kids that can waltz in to a store and buy fake Cheerios, fake donuts, various breads to choose from, frozen pizza, and chicken tenders.  Sadly, it's probably a sign there is enough of a market to make money on them.  I am still grateful for the pretzel STICKS.  My kids had pined for those for years.  Still haven't seen the fake Goldfish.  That'll still be relevant if it happens in my mommy-time.  

More power to moms with little ones - I know they deserve the convenience but I am so envious!

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