Friday, February 01, 2008

Q2 Update

We got report cards yesterday. I wasn't as nervous about this one since it wasn't our first experience with 3rd grade and this teacher. Everything still looks great! Icecream, a call to Grandma, high-5's, and cudos all around. He is a solid B student, and has shown improvement in several areas;

1) following directions (in personal development section), an executive functioning challenge for him.
2) using word analysis skills (reading section),
3) writing with organization, spelling correctly, and spacing letters and words appropriately (writing section). His teacher said "He shows strong word work and editing strategies in his daily work and is now giving more details in his writing." Pretty amazing since he has to work much harder than the typical student.

In P.E., he shows highest marks for sportsmanship, behavior, and effort, but "Satisfactory" for developing strength, skills, and endurance. No surprise here! I still can't believe he can do age appropriate skills. And to think he LOVES gym, and isn't affected by his largeness not matching the stereotype of a "tough football kid". He has similar marks in art, where he is just "Satisfactory". And highest marks for Music. Again, no surprise!

And speaking of Music, who in the heck invented the Recorder? I'm sure I'll offend someone when I say that it's the STUPIDEST instrument! I mean really! I hate the sound, and I openly complain to Leo when he has to practice. Poor kid, no role model here. I guess I'm a snob, as we continue with piano lessons at home (I teach them). I do look forward to the Spring Concert, where his class will play that dumb instrument while tears stream down my face.

As far as his personality goes, he is very well liked by his teacher and peers. His teacher says "Leo's genuine kindness and eagerness to help others is contagious and is a wonderful example to his peers."

Wow, is all I can say. His personality has nothing to do with parenting. We are just very blessed by his wonderful soul being in our lives each day.

Leo's social development continues to grow as far as I can see, in a typical fashion. I'm no expert for this age, as my daughter is 2 1/2 years younger. He still enjoys carpooling to baseball with one of his good friends. Recess is great, still revolves around activity led. I recently asked him who he usually sits with at lunch. It sounds like he rotates between his two good friends from class (they can only sit with their class). He told me one friend told Leo he was sitting more with the other friend, and asked if Leo could sit with him that day. Leo said he felt bad, and now really tries to "make it even." So sweet! If you told me years ago that kids would seek Leo as a friend that way, I'd say you are smoking something.

Recently, I found myself walking around Target with my 4'9" son looking for the "right" sweatpants that all his friends are wearing at school. He picked out 3 black pairs, all allegedly "very different, Mom." One pair, made that "swishy" noise. Each had stripes along the side - one with red, one blue, and one white. I said, "How about the same pair, but in grey?", as I held them up. "Nah." I tried navy, but no luck. So I was at the register, surrounded by pimply teens with their undies showing, buying 3 pairs of similar BLACK sweatpants. His new uniform, that goes with his fancy basketball shoes.

As we were getting ready for school this morning, I asked Leo if he was going to take his racoon Webinz to school (it was on the table near his backpack). He said, no. When I asked why, he said that most people don't bring them to school anymore. I shrug and say, "Oh, okay." A true follower, which is fine with me. Follower, leader, I just don't care. As we gather our things to leave, Sydney says "Hey Mom, Leo doesn't have his jacket zipped." And I say, "I know Sydney, Leo knows the rules, I'm sure he'll remember to zip it before we leave the garage." Leo chuckles a little while shaking his head, and says, "Of course, you had to say that loud enough so I could hear it." Which I did! Busted!

These little exchanges demonstrate that his Theory Of Mind is working well enough. Well enough to take shots at his Mom,
well enough to know his sister lives for these opportunities,
well enough to have a chuckle with his family before a long day of school.


Artemisia said...

"he said that most people don't bring them to school anymore"

Ha! When I read this, I didn't think FOLLOWER, I thought "WOO! He noticed what the norm is in his classroom!"

All kids are followers at this age, I think. My typical son was either 1) madly following or 2) trying to start a trend, which he'd drop if it didn't take off quickly!

Jenn said...

Way to go Leo!Sounds fabulous!

Ashley loves Leo said...

I think you are right Artemisia. Noticing the social norm is just as important. It still blows me away that he can do that, mostly anyway.

Thanks Jenn!

Laura said...

Amazing! And those pants do sound very different from each other. ;)

Ashley loves Leo said...

Ha ha Laura. I should take a picture of them. It is so crazy.