Monday, October 08, 2007

Goodbye To My Rabbit

One of my bunnies, Brother, died suddenly yesterday. I'm very sad. I'm not sure how he died, but I suspect he ate something poisonous (they roam wild for part of the day) or that he caught a virus that attacked his nervous system.

Brother leaves behind Sister to eat the left over broccoli and apple cores by herself. She'll live a sole bunny existence, tolerating the dogs, the cat, and the various kids that visit her.

Brother and Sister together symbolize my duplicity on my blog - my private life and my Autism Advocacy life. Kind of weird that one side has passed. Am I jinxed?

Certainly, both sides of my life are alive and doing well - I'm working a lot on my writing goals and maintaining my main website. Things have calmed down a bit since the Jenny McCarthy 'explosion' that was my inbox. I'm back to a regular number of people asking for advice on how to get services or a dx. I'm grateful to the media that so many people have confirmation of Autism, hope, and some ideas that may work for their child. Funny writing grateful and media in the same sentence.

The kids are doing well, no issues so far this year and they both have very good teachers. This fall I'm focusing on my daughter's health - she's been presenting some minor facial tics (occasional eye blinking and grimacing) which is quite scary but not surprising. We have her on a detox/supplement protocol designed for her "environmental Tourettes."

For now, I don't have to worry about Leo since he's probably the healthiest in the bunch. I have no reason to complain, my job is so much fun, and my fall routine isn't too hectic. Of course, there's always Parent/Teacher Conferences mid-November. Leo says he still does the 'talking-out-of-turn', so we'll see what his teacher says. Ironically, he reports he doesn't do it in math class (a different teacher), when that was his topic that caused his excitement last year.

So we have just one bunny left. We'll enjoy her, but we'll certainly miss the most mischievous one, our Houdini bunny that could escape almost any pen.


Casdok said...

Sorry to hear about Brother. Its sad when pets die.
But glad to hear eveything else is quite positive.

Laura said...

I'm sorry about Brother, too! I hope Sister does OK as the only bunny!

I hope you can figure out the tics thing! My younger son, who is NT, is having "digestive issues" so we're doing allergy testing right now. Fun, fun!

Ashley loves Leo said...

Thanks Laura and Casdok

Artemisia said...

So sorry about the bun!

Hope everything continues to go well. Funny, I know so many siblings who go through tics. Hmmmm.