Thursday, September 27, 2007

Top Reason Why Parents Must Read Actual Research Rather Than Headlines:

What’s been for dinner all this week? Jenny McCarthy. What’s for breakfast just this morning, timed on purpose with perfect execution? Take a look at the morning headlines:

1) New York Times: Vaccine Compound Is Harmless, Study Says, as Autism Debate Rages

2) Wall Street Journal: No Vaccine Link to Behavior;
CDC Study Finds Kids' Mental Acuity Not Hurt by Mercury

3) Reuters: Study shows no language effects from vaccines

All 3 headlines refer to the same article that will be published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. Parents and the general public possibly think there are several studies out there if you are just browsing at a newsstand. Herein lies the dilemma when we live in the world of convenience. We have to be careful.

I look forward to reading yet another correlational government study that yet again proves nothing. It’s not really science; the science that the CDC and the FDA insists the Autism Community must follow but they pick and choose when to follow. Rather than looking at our own children, as Jenny says, our research.

I’d like to go on record to say I had some major problems with some of the things said this week (more later), but all in all I am happy that the message of treatment and hope is out there for the masses. My main website stats hit the roof and I had so many parents email me for help in getting a dx, finding services and doctors in there area. All good news no matter what faction people belong to.


Laura said...

Yeah, I hated those headlines appearing everywhere. Oh, look! Some BS report that doesn't include kids who'd be more at risk for vaccine damage - lower birth weight, kids with autism excluded. And they just gloss over the whole tics thing. Yes, tics are so healthy, don't you know!

I, too, am glad Jenny brought some media attention to recovery being possible!

Ashley loves Leo said...

It just makes me ill.