Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Smart Idea by the FSA in the UK

UK's FSA backs folic acid in flour, curbs on food
Thu Jun 14, 5:32 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Food Standards Agency board on Thursday gave the go-ahead for plans to add folic acid to foods in a bid to cut birth defects and said levels should be controlled in some products to prevent over-consumption.

Wow. Thinking ahead by a government? Prevention? I wonder if our government knows the meaning of that word. Why can't our FDA do the same thing? Flouride comes to mind. Now all our food and water is filled with this metal that can be helpful at moderate levels. Who is monitoring the big picture? No one. And now Tom's of Maine the maker of one flouride-free toothpaste was bought by one of the biggies, Colgate.

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Laura said...

Well now that everyone is adding (just typed assing- freudian slip?) vitamins to everything, including Diet Coke Plus, is the FDA going to realize that foods and drugs are more intermingled and certain vitamins are being overused, as the British seem to be planning for? While I used to think that kids' cereals were great -- they add all the vitamins in, along with dyes and sugar! -- now I realize that just throwing in some vitamins isn't going to change bad eating habits. Of course, when you look at the vitamins and supplements most of us autism parents are giving our kids, we're in a completely different world from this! "What? No DMG? Where's the transfer factor-laced cherry water? There's only 500 mg of Vit C? Guess I need to give more supplements!"

Toothpaste - Yeah, we all use the Tom's flouride-free stuff right now, and I hope that doesn't change when Colgate gets their hooks in!