Monday, June 11, 2007

Lenny Schafer's Commentary on Vaccines in Court

I just read this in today's Schafer Report. I think it's perfect so I thought I'd post it. More soon...I've been buried. Ashley

Brief Commentary: The editorial conclusion, "Research to discover what
causes autism, including possible environmental triggers, must be a top
priority" is disingenuous for the author to assert. The purpose of this
editorial, and of all the experts who labor to deny the growth of autism, is
to sow complacency -- to turn the public's attention away from autism.
This is a backhand defense of mercury containing vaccines as the cause
of autism. If there is no "epidemic", then there is nothing there to cause
it. It's an instant alibi for mercury tainted vaccines. The reality is that
the CDC has arduously avoided conducting epidemiological research to track
the real incidence and prevalence of autism, despite all "better diagnosing"
over the last dozen years.
Why, with all the growing suffering of autism across the country has
the CDC avoided counting our children? Perhaps, they already know the
answers and are willing to sacrifice thousands of children in the name of
promoting herd immunity -- for the greater good against infectious diseases.
This may sound good in theory, unless you have a child with autism.
- Lenny Schafer

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