Monday, January 29, 2007

The View on ABC Featured Autism on today's show!

For years I've waited for mass media to put together a show that discusses the spectrum of those on the spectrum. For years I've waited for mass media to talk about ABA and other viable treatment options. Today, was finally it.

Why do I care so much about what the American public hears? Because it affects our daily lives, advocacy, funding, awareness, and the quality of life of our children. Our only chance to reach Johny Public is with a show like this. So what if the info isn't perfect or incomplete? Honestly, how long did it take a family member to get their head around this thing called Autism?

So here's a shot out to the ABC people, singer Toni Braxton, and Rosie, for putting together a great informative show that I am certain will help many families pick up the phone, answer questions, find hope, or get motivated. I cried thinking about thousands of moms sitting on their couch all over the country with light bulbs going off. For me, listening to Toni Braxton (a newbie that found out just 4 months ago), brought me RIGHT back to those early days with the knowledge about Leo. Seeing her cry and shake felt reminded me about those early days of having no clue about Autism, what it was, what it meant for our family. I'll never forget how it felt, and I don't wish those feelings on anyone.

Of course, no show can be perfect - Autism to too diverse for a tall order like that, especially in one hour. Remember, it's for the typical woman 25-54 demographic that has little or no information about Autism. Many will criticise symantecs. Many will complain that a therapy they hold dear to their heart wasn't mentioned. Many will cry out that a certain therapy was mentioned, or that early intervention didn't help their child.

I say, shove all your "stuff" aside and celebrate.

Autism was discussed for one full hour. One can tell that ABC tried their best to find ASD adults, families, and children that have varied "parking spots" on the spectrum. One can tell that ABC tried their best to stress just a few points (simplify) that say the same thing - Autism is treatable, early intervention is key, what the signs are, and that Autism is also a gift. A parent can maximize potential in their child. Rosie seemed quite passionate about our children and seemed to have a personal connection (just my California vibe working its magic). Maybe a close friend of hers has a child on the spectrum?

For years, I've regularly emailed Oprah's website asking for her to do a show on Autism. FRUSTRATING! For a while, I got hopeful since she seemed affiliated with an Autism organization and seemed *close* to working on a show about it. I know she's busy with child molestors and the education crisis in our country. One chick just can't do everything! And I'm certainly grateful for what she's done for our country just by presenting so many other issues on her show...

The play-by-play of the show isn't posted just yet, but here's the link to the show's guests and sponsors:

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