Friday, July 07, 2006

Can't She Or Won't She??

I just got home from a play date for my younger child Sydney. The friend has an older sister that I recently learned has ADHD. I had my very first "real" conversation with her. What an insightful, self-contained, amazing person she is. Her whole world is 4 legged and the sky (animals and the solar system). And what a beautiful world it is.

This girl has academic struggles and social struggles at school After reading Out Of Sync Child, the parents have made some changes that have helped her in that area. And more importantly they respect her preferences for sunglasses 24/7 and tag-free clothing. Phew!

She seems like a very content person to me - with my "snapshot" of times spent with her. She takes care of herself - stays in her room at parties, very selective at invitations, declined camp this year to just stay home.

Her parents struggle with this question - can she or won't she relate to others? Do they have trouble accepting her or does she not have the skills to join in if she wants to?

Can't She Or Won't She? I hope she has a choice. I don't know.

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