Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rage and Chronic Infections

I can't help but think that this little boy I saw on Oprah has multiple chronic infections. His red ears and tics furthered my interest.

Rage and violence is commonly seen as a symptom of Lyme Disease and the co-infections, particularly Bartonella. Many undiagnosed people end up in mental institutions. Some end up on antibiotics that kill the infection, and the symptoms disappear. Any Google search will provide more info for those interested.

My heart goes out to this family and this little boy. He is amazing and tries so hard to just get through the interview. I can't imagine what a day is like for him. My hope is the family has looked into treating chronic infections as a way to return their little boy to them.

I recommend a Lyme-literate medical doctor for screening since the current testing available is tenuous. Lyme doctors address the big picture - strep, viruses, not just the Lyme bacteria and co-infections.


Artemisia said...

I was thinking at the post's title that you were talking about Mama rage at whatever causes the infections...

Hope you and the family are well.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Funny Artemisia! How are you guys? I recently told Leo about "the label." I will have to post about that!