Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Favorite Snack Mix

Had to share what has been working for MONTHS now. I have put together a great snack for school that both my kids have not gotten tired of! So I figured I should share since us moms need all the ideas we can get. It covers all the food groups to maximize nutrition and also regulate blood sugar. Here goes:

2 handfuls of GF pretzels (carb)
1 tablespoon Eden organic shelled pistacios (protein)
1 tablespoon of GFCF mini-chocolate chips (antioxidant but also good for motivation to eat)
1 small carrot (fiber, something alive)

So there you go! I also use shelled sunflower seeds for nut-free classrooms, and use different veggies like celery, a few sprigs of parsley or cilantro (can't beat how lovely the fragrance is). I also do the Trader Joes rice crackers instead of pretzels.

Here's to not the same 'ole! Ashley

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Ashley loves Leo said...

I usually put the veggies into a piece of foil or a baggie so the rest of the stuff doesn't get wet. I just put it in the same container right on top. Yum!