Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things I'm Grateful For

I have been in the WORST mood all week, so figured I need to somehow find a way to gain perspective by writing something POSITIVE. I'm forcing myself! Sydney has been so bad lately, home most of the time largely due to the pig flu wrecking havoc on her Lyme symptoms. I feel like I'm losing my mind, I find myself walking around in a fog thinking "What the fuck?"

It's Veterans Day. Home ALL day. "Yay!" We went to play basketball and climb at the gym. Next, had lunch with dad. Then off to get Leo a much-needed haircut. What else can we do to make this a good day that's not surrounded by the t.v.?

So here goes...painful as it is:

I'm grateful that Leo can get a haircut (Supercuts). Long ago he'd panic and throw up by the sensation of hair falling and getting input that wasn't visual. I can even thumb through a magazine while he happily chats with the hair dresser on his own about nearby hiking trails. I still remember those days, holding his hand everywhere outside the house, barely tolerating a busy atmosphere. I sit there with Sydney next to me, yeah she's a very sick little girl, but I look over admiringly at my 11 year old boy and I am so proud of how far he has come.

I can't forget EVER. I don't want to ever become complacent or lose myself to my little world. I want to always be aware.

So that's it! I did it!


Jenn said...

I'm sorry you've been having such a rough time lately. Don't forget to give *yourself* a pat on the back too! Your determination and perseverance to see Leo progress and succeed deserves some recognition too! =D

PS- Interestingly, Nick's para has Lyme and is treating herself naturopathically. Because of her background, she's very supportive of our biomedical interventions for Nick. It's a good fit!

Ashley loves Leo said...

Thanks Jenn! So interesting about your para. If she ever wants to talk shop I am game! Syd made a lot of progress this summer on an herbal protocol that compliments the abx, called the Cowden Protocol. A modified version anyway. Sydney's bacterial load is finally low enough where herbs and homoepathy are actually making a dent. Although this week she has a bronchial infection!