Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leo's Standardized Testing Scores from 4th Grade

The test scores came in the mail! They are not GREAT, but Leo is still in goal range for everything except math being advanced. Like last year he was behind his school's average. The good news is that he dramatically improved from last year! He learned something after all during his mediocre year.

It is so interesting as they track each year on a big spreadsheet eventually totaling 6 years of student performance. My huge fear is that he is going to drop out of "goal" eventually in writing because he is on the low end. Maybe in reading at one point too. Although I believe the standardized testing has huge flaws, it is basically my only barometer for how he is doing compared to the regular world. And my only glimpse into any future issues as we approach middle and high school. Well, another round of testing at Yale would do it, but who'd want to go through that again?

It is validating we chose the new school we did because they have the best reading/writing program in the area. I can already see how much harder he has to work in writing - making reading connections EVERY DAY in his reading log and answer questions. Just what the doctor ordered, going deeper. Why do characters behave the way they do? What are their intentions, motives, desires? Becoming the character....relating. Theory Of Mind, our old friend. This will never be a strong area, so I'm happy Leo likes his teacher and seems more content doing the work. Hopefully we can give him as much practice as possible in finding the things he needs to look for. Here are the scores:

Reading: Leo 263 /School Avg. 282 for the category.
Specific area that was below: Making reader/text connections: 3 out of a range of 6-8.

Writing: Leo 243/School Avg. 270 for the category.
Specific area below: Composing/Revising: 10 out of a range of 12-16.

Math: Leo 297/School Avg. 286.
Specific area that was below: Geometry; approximating measures: 3 out of a range of 4-6.

None of the weak areas are a surprise! It's great to know what we need to continue to work on at that there are no surprises (yet) anyway.

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