Monday, July 20, 2009

Moving Criteria List

We are in the middle of moving. Away from Lymeland. Does my school criteria list look normal to you? Is it normal that I spoke with 3 people that work for the department of Health and Safety for the city, not to mention several private health organizations/groups?

Academics Checklist
Teaching style
Teacher/student ratio
Facility look and feel, open space
Feeder schools
Standardized testing scores
Safetly/neighborhood surrounding school

Hmmm..., okay, this looks normal. But what about this?

Health Checklist
Nurse, how many days per week on site?
New construction - was it formaldehyde-soaked? Fiber glass exposure?
Existing buildings - are the up to current code?
Air filters, percentage of new vs. circulated air
Playground materials
Pesticides used, application schedule
Cleaning products used
Carpets - last cleaned, by what
Cafeteria choices
Proximity to cell phone towers and exposed powerlines
Water source and quality - common contaminants
Electrical system - age and condition
Lighting - what type and location throughout school

Certainly not what my neighbor looked at when she chose a school. Did I know or even CARE about this kind of stuff before I had kids? Or even pre-diagnosis? Not really.


Jenn said...

The early childhood/early intervention program was housed in an old elementary school that recently underwent asbestos removal and extensive "detoxing". Great place to educate children with impaired immune systems and chronic ilnesses, no? Needless to say, Nick never went there.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Sigh. That's just grim. The scenarios I am imagining - interventions that seem to not be working, but in fact it's the toxic environmental layer messing it all up.