Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Misc, 8 yrs 10 mos.

I refuse to say school has started, because it sure still feels like summer here. No homework, the kids are still running around late at night, no activities until after labor day and beyond. Flip-flops and shorts are still being worn. But indeed, school has started. My 1st and 3rd grader have the same schedule - they go to the same school and get home at the same time, around 3:50pm. Hurray!

I can't confirm the disorder/disability count for 3rd grade as of yet, but I have confirmation that Leo's former arch-nemesis from 1st grade turned friend in 2nd grade is in Leo's class. He also happens to have ADD. There's one other boy that's quite a legend/handful that has a behavior plan as well. He's my favorite, and now is friends with Leo. I predict this relationship will move forward - they've never had class together. His mother is pretty much a normal person, inclusive, and honest.

So far, 3 kids in a class of 21. Leo didn't get his BFF in class, which was a giant bummer because we won't be able to socialize with him much this year. His sister, Sydney's BFF, is the one with Leukemia, so his social schedule and activities are limited to church. PDD Boy is still a close friend, but not in the same class. They'll see each other at baseball which is great.

Leo's teacher seems TGTBT (too good to be true). She energetic, maternal, smart, firm, and engaging. I even told her that she's TGTBT. After last year's mediocre one (at least in the personality/cheer leading dept), I'm pretty damned excited.

Very cute, Leo is even more excited about Sydney's teacher. His former from 1st grade. She's terrific, and I have little worries there. He thinks he's super cool because he 'knows just about everything' in regards to her class. On the first day, he made sure his sister got to her class, as her sense of direction and memory isn't her strong suit (she's just like me).

Leo's hypoglycemia has made a significant improvement over this summer's detox. Huge, I no longer have to pack an extra snack for him to eat in the afternoon - he can basically make it combined with lunch schedule getting later as he's getting older. I am slowly feeling like I am less like a mom with a diabetic child.

The other good news is that Leo seems basically fine on dairy. I've been really worried about the soy consumption in this house, especially since it's in all the processed GF foods, so I boldly decided to give Leo dairy regularly (translation=3x week), and the rest of the choices go to soy. So almost 50/50, splitting the difference of evilness. We still stick to GF, as it does seem to build up, but do 'cheat' for special occasions like a birthday...

Leo had a sleepover at the same boy's house from last year. It was awesome just like last year! We talked a lot about two boys that he doesn't like much that would be at the sleepover. We told him life isn't perfect, and even though these boys aren't that nice sometimes and aren't your favorites, you just have to go with the flow. I also said people change, especially kids, and that you have to give them a chance, they may surprise you. I reminded him about our neighbor, how they get along now. The greatest was I only had to pack enzymes! The mom gave them for pizza, and he declined cake. Simple! He had a total blast - this year they all played baseball and relays before a movie, popcorn, and other boy stuff. I was so happy for him.

To change the subject (Hey I can do anything, it's my blog!), I seem to always have an issue at school at the beginning of the year, and this year was no different. I found out through a friend that the PTA wants us to fill out detailed health related questions on a waiver for PTA events/activities. I asked the nurse and the principal about the legality with privacy. Of course, this touched a nerve with me because of vaccinations, allergies, and hidden diagnosis. Like I'd say jack about any of it! Can we all say Secret List? I get the waiver thing. Insurance is insurance, but do you think I'll trust these other moms with that info, when there's already an undercurrent of animosity towards "allergy kids" and the politics that go with it?

So there ya go. Haven't heard anything BUT the form was sent home sans waiver. I'll keep you posted.

Note to Self: Remember to blog about The China Study, my summer environment/health book.


Laura said...

Glad things are going well with school!

The Secret List -- I just filled out Harrison's preschool paperwork today, and always feel weird ignoring the huge chart of vaccines on the front and just checking the "personal exemption" box. Weird, but I'll take it! Also odd to not have to fill in lots of stuff under the health section. Knock on wood, Harrison hasn't been to the doctor in over a year, and I always forget to take him for a checkup, since he's never sick and doesn't "need" vaxxes. And in front of Hutton's school, the sign board lists the times of the school open house, then says, "All immunizations must be current for entry in school." Haha.

Allergy kids -- I need to remind the teacher and aides that Hutton shouldn't be given goldfish crackers as tokens. We'll see! Also will be interesting to see if I can sniff out any biomed moms in the class. I recognize some from preschool, but until I get to volunteer in class and see what their kids snacks are, there's no telling!

Ashley loves Leo said...

It's amazing the stuff we have to keep track of as moms. Your school had a
sign? nice. Let's intimidate the herd. Happy sniffing...Ashley