Friday, April 06, 2007

Disney lets gays and lesbians have fairy tale weddings

Disney lets gays and lesbians have fairy tale weddings
Story Highlights according to the Assoc. Press:
• Disney letting same-sex couples use Fair Tale Wedding program
• Had limited program to couples with valid marriage licenses
• Disney says it welcomes "every guest in an inclusive environment"
• Some religious groups have condemned "gay days" at parks

I say YAY!


mcewen said...

I like that new animated picture too! You're technical skills are getting very shiny!

Laura said...

I think it's great, too! I remember a long time ago talking to somebody (a distant cousin of Hubby's maybe? Can't remember!) and her little girl said something about how they don't like Disney anymore because they have those "nasty gay days" at the parks. I just gave the mother a look of shock that she was teaching her daughter that and walked off. I wasn't into confrontation then.

Ashley loves Leo said...

Sad Disney story Laura. That stuff really pisses me off! Passing that discrimination baton to the next gen.

Last year Leo asked if he could join Boy Scouts. Usually, I'd tell him the truth - that they discriminate, which he is now fully capable of understanding. But for now, I held my tongue since many of his friends do it, and I didn't want him to make any of his friends feel uncomfortable. Bad Mommy - I just told him Boy Scouts was a lot of work, kind of like school. That did the trick!